Therapies / Massages

In our Shops Povo da Mata you can enjoy various therapies and massages, where in general you can relax and feel good, take care of your body and mind and experience these experiences to the fullest!
Brief description of some therapies / massages:
Reiki + Chromotherapy
Reiki and Chromotherapy are complementary therapies, that is, they work in conjunction with all natural medicines and therapies; both are energetic and allied techniques bring physical, mental and energetic balance. Try out a session in the Povo da Mata space!
Reiki is a Japanese technique that directs healing energy and causes it to flow throughout the body, avoiding blockages that prevent this energy from circulating, rebalancing the various parts of the body. Reiki acts emotionally, mentally and spiritually, making you feel revitalized and peaceful.
Chromotherapy is a therapy that uses the seven basic colors for the treatment of diseases. Among the diseases treated with chromotherapy are anemia, depression, insomnia, digestive problems, among others.
Benefits: - Restore energy balance - Release blocked emotions - Help solve problems - Relieve suffering
Detox Foot SPA
Cleanse your body through this natural method of detoxifying chemicals and toxins present in the body!
Duration: 30 minutes
Ionic Detox Foot SPA is an equipment that activates the detoxification of the body, providing the energy rebalance, using its ionizing action, which helps the body to eliminate accumulated toxins. In this treatment, the feet are in direct contact with ions produced in the water. Toxins are pulled by the skin due to osmosis, and the different colors in the water are the result of the particles, fatty residues and mucous released.
Benefits: - Promotes weight, volume and cellulite reduction - Prevents the onset and evolution of varicose veins - Eliminates tiredness and pain in the legs and feet - Free the blood from toxins and excesses - Promotes a decrease in cholesterol, triglycerides, urea, glucose , cretin and uric acid - Stimulates the process of oxygenation of the brain - Decreases headaches, migraines - Improves sleep quality
Massage Therapy Aroma and Crystals
It combines the relaxing effect of a massage with aromatherapy and the benefits of the crystal vibration.
Plants are a source and an immense variety of natural properties that favor the health and well-being of people. The knowledge of such properties has given rise to a number of techniques including aromatherapy, which treats afflictions and diseases through essential aromatic oils extracted from plants.
The healing properties of aromatherapy are: Reduces muscle soreness and helps relax, relaxes headache, lowers blood pressure, decreases inflammation and nausea improves lung function.
Crystals protect, realize, neutralize, calm or increase our intuition and self-confidence; crystals are placed at the points of pain or directly in the chakras because their action is to absorb and purify the negative energies, improving symptoms and working at their origin.
Massage Therapy Aroma and Chromotherapy
Relaxing Massage combining the benefits of aromatherapy with chromotherapy being a therapeutic treatment of your energy colors stabilizes the balance of the body;
It presents as main benefits: The relief of the symptoms of a certain disease through the color absorbed by the body; physical and mental well-being, decreases physical tiredness, reduces sleep disorders, relieves headaches, stimulates the central nervous system, improves heart function, improves blood circulation.
Chromotherapy is a therapy that uses the seven basic colors for the treatment of diseases. Among the diseases treated with chromotherapy are anemia, depression, insomnia, digestive problems, among others.
Massage Therapy Aroma with Chakra Alignment
A relaxing and harmonizing treatment, chakra alignment means cleansing, clearing and harmonizing the energy centers of the human body and functioning as a whole.
The alignment of the chakras is very important, health depends on the holistic balance of being and the subtlest fields if not taken care of over time the imbalances present reach the physical levels and causes physical, emotional and mental illnesses.
Its benefits are: Stress, Insomnia Depression, Panic Syndrome, and various emotional and physical imbalances.
The Chakras, area of ​​action: Coronary - Spiritual Consciousness, Frontal - Intellect and senses, Laryngeal - Communication, Cardiac - Feelings, Solar Plexus - Lower Emotions, Sacrum - Sexuality and Joy Basic - Earth Energy Absorption, Feet dense energies
Our massages are suitable for one person or two at the same time;
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